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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my children?

Children are more than welcome to come on the course but they must book a place. This is because places are limited. Please consider taking your child only if he/she is really interested and going to be fully involved in looking after the chickens.

How do I get to the course?

Details of the address and directions will be sent to you when you book your place. Exact addresses are not given without a booking.

What should I wear?

Most of the course will take place outside so please wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the prevailing weather conditions.

Can I bring my dog?

As a general rule, it is best not to bring dogs, however some courses do allow this. Please see the notes on the individual courses.

What should I do if I need to cancel?

Cancellations with a full refund are accepted 72 hours before the course start time. Please call Omlet to confirm this on 0845 450 2056.