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Nature's Calling is a special new kind of cat litter made from the re-claimed lining of walnut shells. Not only is it incredibly effective at absorbing ammonia and neutralising odour, it clumps quickly on contact making the removal of those unwanted lumps a breeze.

The clumping quality of Nature's Calling Cat Litter results in much less waste which means even the smallest pack could last a lot longer than you'd think. Laboratory tests have found that the fibrous material from the lining of walnut shells used in Nature's Calling is more effective at absorbing and neutralising ammonia than other leading cat litters. What’s more it’s an all-natural annually renewable resource making Nature’s Calling one of the most environmentally friendly cat litters available.

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Peso: 6.080 kg

Altura: 37 cm

Ancho: 37 cm

Longitud: 18 cm