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Tubtrugs have been popular for several years now, often used as an alternative to a washing basket. Well, this micro version might be much smaller in size, but you could still use it to carry your washing to the machine...albeit one sock at a time.

More practical uses for this Flexible Micro Tub might be collecting your freshly picked raspberries from the garden, storing leftover baked beans in the fridge or keeping your nick-nacks tidy on your work desk. Use it as a colourful plant pot, a holder for your child's crayons or a fun way to present sweets and chocolates.

Tubtrugs Micro Tubs are made from 100% food-grade plastic, and they have handy 100ml, 200ml and 300ml measures marked on the insides. This makes them a handy accessory to have in the kitchen, either to whisk your eggs, scoop your sugar or measure your milk.

Measures 7cm high. 370ml capacity. Available in 6 colours.

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Peso: 0.020 kg

Altura: 9 cm

Ancho: 10 cm

Longitud: 11 cm

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