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After The Show

Shows are a great place for your chicken to pick up parasites and infections. Because of this it is sensible to quarantine your chicken for a week and treat them for parasites by dusting them with Diatom powder or another louse powder.

A chicken with a beautiful beak, comb and wattle
A chicken with a beautiful beak, comb and wattle

Top Tips For Showing Chickens

  • Do your research on the breed you are showing. Having a good knowledge on the breed standard will allow you to send your best chicken to show and you will do better.

  • Keep your show chickens indoors- keeping them outdoors can alter the colour and condition of the feathers.

  • In the run up to a show feed your hens wholewheat only to delay laying until after the show.

  • Do not modify your bird in any way other than clipping claws and the beak.

  • If your chicken has a crest, tape halfway across a water container to limit how much a bird can dip their head in to drink.

  • Get to know judges and what ‘type’ of bird they tend to lean towards.

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